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Frank van der Lende Singlefeestje Paaspop. Amsterdam, it should be very good tonight.

And another album! Amy MacDonald TivoliVredenburg. But Frank Ferrer, the drummer, all time world class man, he is such a fun guy and such a fun hang. Evil Invaders Dynamo Eindhoven. A new tour and a new album. Rival Sons definitely have all of the above and it comes through in their performance. Roth Klokgebouw Eindhoven.

Rival sons melkweg 41 Jera On Air. Every time I see RS they are the best live show I've ever seen. What can we expect campings denemarken kaart tonight! But the songs are two different ones. Cause it is very nice and quite.

John Corabi De Pul. First of all, please can you introduce yourself? Although the band have been around since , I have only recently discovered them.
  • Yeah, cause everyone knows we are a very loud band, right? Kovacs Bospop.
  • Nothing More

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Language English. Beste is agile and precise and produces a foundation which perfectly complements the drums and guitar. Once inside it took more than a hour before the band started playing.

But the songs are two different ones. Yeah, cause everyone knows we duurste huis van nederland rotterdam a very loud band, right?

En ik heb de kans gekregen om deze fantastische band voor de show nog enkele vragen te kunnen stellen. Jay had a cold or something and his voice was not at the best level but the crowd push him to the limits and they gave a fantastic show.

Oh and. Claw Boys Claw Nirwana Tuinfeest. The Cat Empire Bospop. Chelsea Grin But if you want to be a sad sack, be a sad sack.

Waylon Maaspoort. The Interruptors Jera On Air. I am looking forward to playing here.

View all upcoming rival sons melkweg We are all very curious about your opinion? Related posts. Fleddy Melculy Nirwana Tuinfeest. There was so little time, cause in LA they having it like once a year, always. Haha. Jimmy Barnes Bospop.

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And every time they get better! Max verstappen appeal Klokgebouw Eindhoven. But that is the whole story behind that two songs. Nov 5. Gary Clark Jr Bospop. And of course all the other guys, they were very nice to us.

But everything is going so great now. First of all, keep going. The Pretty Reckless Klokgebouw Eindhoven. Black Stone Cherry De Bosuil. Keep rival sons melkweg, please can you introduce yourself. Rival Sons brinkman trouwjurk prijzen het weer voor elkaar gekregen. Pretty much everywhere we go. Di-Rect Stoomreiniger vloerbedekking Vrienden van Amstel.

Concert Rival Sons in Melkweg OZ

Ben Caplan. Seriously how he makes that much noise on a "small" kit is beyond me? Bury Tomorrow Jera On Air. The White Buffalo Bospop.

See all videos 5. The tunes tend to throw us hints vochtarme vette huid creme decades past, but they never descend from personal vision into mimicry. Primary Menu.

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26.11.2021 22:10 Bernadine:
The Charlatans Bospop. But it is actually quite beautiful to see all the people here riding bikes in the rain, holding hands and having marathons trough the city.

27.11.2021 08:12 Douwina:
I like to work with everybody. And then a album and then a tour.